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Obfuscated dlls and nuget updates

RogerkrRogerkr Posts: 3
edited April 8, 2014 11:03AM in SmartAssembly

We have some nuget packages containing obfuscated dlls that other assemblies/projects references. When updating to later packages, the update process stops with an error.
I'm guessing loud here, but is there problems for nuget knowing what to uninstall in the update process when the dlls are obfuscated?

Uninstalling '**** 7.5.800.19'.
Successfully uninstalled '***** 7.5.800.19'.
Install failed. Rolling back...
install-package : Failed to add reference to '***'



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    You can drop this request.

    The issue wasn't the obfuscation itself but the fact that the assembly name was different than the file name.

    Not an issue in your product.

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