Set Recovery Mode on a target database

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edited April 20, 2014 4:20PM in Deployment Manager
Is it possible to set Recovery Mode on a database being deployed by Deployment Manager? Perhaps with a PowerShell script?

I would like to be able to automatically set our test databases in Simple Recovery Mode.


  • Yes, this is possible. Powershell + SQLCMD is fully supported.

    I'll take a very quick look at the powershell forum to see if there's anything already there.
  • Couldn't find it on the forums but here's a simple example that should help:
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    Thank you Chris,

    Got a modified version of that sample from working in the PostDeploy.ps1 script of a Deployment Manager project.

    I didn't get the script to work with string representations of the RecoveryModel options, but had to use the enum representation like so:

    And to apply SQL Server Authentication I had to add:
    #This sets the connection to mixed-mode authentication
    #This sets the login name
    #This sets the password

    after instantiating the $smo object.

    Thanks for the help!
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