SSC3 does not undo my changes

Brian25Brian25 Posts: 6
I have a set of tables that I want to undo. In the past I have had no problem using undo. However now when I undo it says it is successful but after the list of changes rescans all the tables are still listed as different.

Any idea?


  • Hi there,

    We're really sorry to hear about this issue. I've not seen this before. Could you send the following details please?

    1. The SSMS version and SQL Server version you are using
    2. The Source control software you are connected to e.g. tfs, svn etc
    3. Elaborate on the changes that you want to undo; which SQL Server objects are you editing? if you cannot say explicitly what the changes are please give us as much indication as you can.

    We sometimes encounter an issue with the Commit tab not updating correctly which we are currently working on (internal ref: SOC_59) but a hard refresh using the refresh button on the Commit tab normally resolves this as does a restart of SSMS.

    Thanks for taking the time to notify us of the issue; we'll investigate the issue when we receive more information from you.

    Phil Scrace
    Test Engineer SQL Source Control
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