"Get Latest" red balls in SSMS 2012 Object Explorer tree?

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We are using the "Dedicated development model"

I can see "blue balls" appear in SSMS 2012 Object Explorer tree when I make changes to the SQL Objects (eg tables, stored procedures etc) indicating that I have made changes that need to be committed to TFS.

In contrast, there are no indications appearing in the Object Explorer (eg. red balls) when TFS has later versions than what I have on my local SQL server, meaning I need to "Get Latest" on those objects before I start making changes to those objects.

If I go to Get latest Tab of Redgate Source Control, I surely can see the objects that I need to do Get Latest. It is just that this information is not available in the Object Explorer tree unlike "Commit changes" notifications that appear as blue balls in the tree.

Is there a setting somewhere to enable this?

At the moment, developers are frequently running into merge conflicts because they are not aware that the objects they change have already undergone changes in TFS by someone else. This is only discovered when trying to commit.



  • Hello again Surm,

    The current released version of SQL Source Control does not support Red Blobs unfortunately. We do however have two ways to overcome objects being in conflict from two different users. The latest version has:

    http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... /Conflicts

    The conflicts toolbar loads whenever a user finds themselves in conflicts situation, this toolbar also now features a 'Merge' button which will load 'Beyond Compare 3' or 'Kdiff' diff tools if either are installed to give you more precise conflict resolution.

    I'll speak to the Product Managers for the product about your requirement for Red blobs, in the meantime you can vote for this feature here:

    https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/39 ... ce-control

    Thanks again for your interest in the product. Please do contact us again if you need further help with your evaluation.


    Phil Scrace
    Test Engineer SQL Source Control
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