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Qualify object names not working with temporary tables

JDS44JDS44 Posts: 8
edited March 26, 2014 12:33PM in SQL Prompt
If the snippet below is run through SQL Prompt's Qualify Object Names process it highlights the two table names and the column name with unable to resolve errors.

CREATE TABLE #OverrideMonth (OverrideMonth INT)
SELECT OverrideMonth FROM #OverrideMonth om

Is this expected behavior?

If so is there any good way to see the list of items that have problems that I can maintain since I working on a 3000 line procedure that when I edit it to manually fix them all the underlined issues dissapear and I have to re-run and re-find the areas to hand fix.


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi JDS44,

    This looks like a bug to me, thanks for reporting it. I found a similar issue in our bug tracking system as SP-3198 which has been around for a while unfortunately. We have some work planned on revamping the qualify object names feature for the next version of SQL Prompt and I'll make sure that this gets fixed as part of that.

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