Dynamic deployment failed ---> System.InvalidOperationExcept

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Hi, i'm having trouble with a deployment. I've always deploy my databases in my different environments with DM but today I have an error :
Dynamic deployment failed ---> System.InvalidOperationException: SQL Server LocalDB is not installed on Server
Am i missing something ? an upgrade that i din't make ?


  • Hi,
    Are you deploying packages that contain V2 Migration Scripts?
    The latest version of Deployment Manager can now deploy packages that include migration scripts but LocalDB must be installed on the DM server as a prerequisite. Step by step instructions for doing this can be found here: http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... ingLocalDB

    If you don't want to use your migration scripts then this behaviour can be disabled by setting the DM variable RedGateDatabaseOptionsUseMigrationsV2 to be false

    I hope that gets you deploying again.
    Toby Smyth
    Tech lead
  • Thank you toby, your solution worked. I choose to disable the DM variable RedGateDatabaseOptionsUseMigrationsV2 for my deployments. Thank you again :D
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