Selection changes not saved when closing SQL Compare

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I'm not sure if I'm missing something or there is a problem with the tool. I have looked around in this forum and no one have reported it before so I'm not sure what to think...

A few days ago I was vetting a comparison, inspecting the hundreds of different objects and checking some of them and leaving some unchecked. At the end of my work session I closed the app without saving the project (and the SQL Compare tool did not prompt me to do anything).

After I re-opened the comparison I discovered my selections were lost. So I did a small test and I found that

A. If you change your selections and click on the save button (the one with the diskette on it... young IT guys are already wondering what that square thing has to do with saving... sorry that I digress :) ) your selections are kept
B. If you change your selections and close the app, no prompts are shown and your work is lost.

Is that "by design", is there a hidden setting somewhere for the app to prompt me if selections have changed and I'm trying to close the app or is it just a nasty bug?



  • Disregard this problem... I'm not sure what has happened but I can't reproduce the behavior I posted in my previous post anymore.

    I thought the problem was constant but apparently it is erratic and I can no longer see the prompt missing when closing a modified projects.

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