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So I am testing SQL Monitor Hosted, but I assume the on-premise installation would face the same issue.

I need to monitor several SQL Servers that are on firewalled networks. Some are on the same domain, some are on distinct domains and will use local windows accounts to be monitored.

My issue is that I have not found the list of ports that I need to open on the firewall, in order to make the Relay Service be able do see the monitored server.

I already opened SQL standard port 1433, but when I add the server in the Configuration page it says:

Status: Unreachable (Cannot connect)

the error details are:

Date: 11 Mar 2014 5:44 PM
Group: Registry
Event: OpenRegistryHive: LocalMachine
Outcome: Cannot connect
Exception: Win32Exception
Exception message: The network path was not found

Can someone post a list of ports that I need to open on my firewall to get monitoring working?

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    no word on port numbers? does anyone have experience with such restricted/firewalled environments?

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    The following page outlines the ports you need to open for the on-premise version of SQL Monitor
    http://documentation.red-gate.com/pages ... d=17270675
    Whilst not specific to hosted, the same principle should apply.

    Additionally the hosted relay uses port 23547 to communicate with Red Gate’s servers.
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    hi Fiona. I got the relay to talk with the web server of the SQL Monitor Hosted service.

    Also my firewall team was able to open a bunch of ports on the internal network, but we could not get the server to use a fixed port for wmi.

    Is it possible to monitor only SQL events and ignore all data captured via WMI in some way?

    PS: ports opened both ways:
    TCP 139
    TCP 445
    TCP 135
    TCP 137
    TCP 24158
    UDP 137
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    It doesn't help to disable the WMI part of the monitoring because the underlying problem is with DCOM on which WMI and remote registry are built. Whilst you could disable WMI, disabling remote registry would remove much of the product’s usefulness.

    In order for monitoring to succeed, the following network traffic needs to be opened up (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/832017/en-gb):
    ICMP Ping
    Port 135
    Port 445
    Ports 49152-65535 (for Windows Server 2008 or later)
    Ports 1023-5000 (for Windows Server 2003 or earlier)

    These are all covered by the following Windows Firewall rules/exceptions:
    All ICMP v4
    Core Networking
    File and Printer Sharing
    SQL Server
    Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

    I hope that is of some help.
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    I'm very new to SQL monitor and I just wanted to know if it's possible to find what queries where running at a particular point in time, so if I encountered a problem on the server - I could then look back to see what was happening just before the issue occurred?

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