Filter SQL Test objects via command line or XML config

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Is there an easy way to filter out objects needed for SQL Test / tSQLt / SQLCop? I thought there was an option to have these automatically filtered in SQL Compare.

Right now, I am filtering these objects using the <exclude> tag in the XML configs, but it seems tedious to list out all these exclusions.

Is there an easier way? I thought I had a conversation with David Atkinson a while back who mentioned that there was some flag you could specify that filtered these objects automatically.


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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    Please try enabling the option to ignore "tSQLt framework and tests" in the Ignore section of the SQL Compare options.

    Via the GUI ->Edit project ->Options tab -> Ignore -> tSQLt framework and tests

    Via the command line use the /options:ignoretSQLt or /options:itst.

    Using a XML argument files <options>itst</options>

    A full list of the available project options can be found HERE.

    Many Thanks
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