Environments Page Eats Memory, Crashes Firefox

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Hey RG,

Our RGDM server now manages hundreds of target machines.

In Firefox 27 it makes the Environments page a little ... "unstable".

When I leave the browser idle with the Environments page open, Firefox consumes memory steadily until there is none left.

When the system runs out of free memory, Firefox crashes silently.

I used Perfmon to log Firefox's Private Working Set while I had the Environments page open and made this chart in Excel.


The flat line at the start of the chart sits around 600 MB. THat's how much memory Firefox uses in a typical browsing session.

At 11:48 I opened a new tab and loaded the Environments page. The memory starts to fluctuate.

After that I just waited. Memory use goes up and down, but the trend is clearly upwards.

At 11:58, and the browser window disappeared and Firefox crashed! The memory fell to 0 after hitting a peak of 3.2 GB.

Can you do something to stabilize the performance of the Environments page when there are a lot of targets?

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    Thanks for posting this- I've let the DM team know.
    They'll be looking at scalability in general soon so this should form part of that.
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  • Sorry!

    I've just located and fixed 2 massive memory leaks that DM had. We're not planning to ship tomorrow; our current plan is to ship a week tomorrow (Wed 19th), and I'm currently expecting these fixes to go out then.

    Given that the fix for one of the memory leaks was to upgrade Knockout, it's possible that there may be some issues around that Knockout upgrade, but there should be enough time between now and next Wednesday to fix any issues that do arise.
  • Thanks, David. Just noticed your post.

    We're running RGDM v2.4.6.8 now. My Firefox is now on v28.0.

    There's a clear improvement! Thanks for your work on this.

    The page is now stable for long enough that we can work with it.

    It still leaks memory, but now it would take hours rather than minutes to exhaust my system.

    We'll look forward to more performance improvements for running a big environment.

    I repeated the Perfmon logging procedure and made a new chart.

    This time I cleared the cache and closed all tabs before opening the environments page.


    At 19:06 I started monitoring the memory use. It was around 150 MB.

    When I opened a tab on the environments page the memory jumped up to about 300 MB.

    I scrolled down the page to collect the version number.

    The memory started to increase steadily.

    It starts to get spiky about six minutes in (19:12).

    When I ended the monitoring at 19:20 the local minimum had crept up to about 650MB.

    I waited about 15 minutes and Firefox was still running.
    Iain Elder, Skyscanner
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