Monitor Database doubled in last month

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I've noticed today that my SQL Monitor collection database has doubled in size over one month.

Since installing SQL Monitor back in Jan 2013, the database data file has been 50GB and never grown at all. Since the 5th of Feb this year, the data file is now 104GB. I don't know why and as far as I can see, nothing has changed in the last month, with regards to the use or usage of SQL Monitor.
The growth rate has been consistently a few GB each day over the last month, rather than doubling in size rapidly.

I had already set the purge rules of the tool to be quite heavy handed and at most I keep 2 months of Database performance counters and Basic SQL Server data. This has worked fine since last year.

Is there anything I can do to investigate the reasons for this sudden growth rate?


  • Edit - mistake.
  • I've received a support call about this issue, but when I view it it says the call doesn't exist.

    Either way, I have had to remove and reinstall SQL Monitor and destroy the database as there was no way for me to recover from the problem as I couldn't extent the disk and the database had no free space in it.

    Before I reinstalled I could see the purge options were working. If I changed the purge time to just one weeks of data, then this is all that was shown on the analysis page of SQL Monitor. Even though the data has purged the free space of the data file never increased.

    There had been no changes in the number of databases or instances being monitored. I will keep an eye on the data growth and monitor for unusual patterns.
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