Intellisense issue while using Save After Typing feature

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edited April 22, 2014 4:05PM in .NET Demon

Just wondering if anyone has noticed or came across this side-effect of the Save After Typing feature? If you are on, say, an ASPX page and are adding an attribute the intellisense dropdown will disappear after pressing the space button. This is because .Net Demon is saving the file and regardless of the time limit set in the .Net Demon options the dropdown will disappear after 0.5s-5s. Obviously you can get round it by pressing Ctrl-Space but it’s still a pain.

Just wondering if anyone has noticed this and if they found a work-around; other than disabling the feature!

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    Would this issue be fixed if they implemented a feature that saves/builds after line change rather than after a time limit? I submitted an enhancement for this. If anyone else would like to jump on board please let RedGate know so that enhancement gets bumped to the top of the stack.
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