Integration with local TFS working folder

We are currently using SQL Source Control together with TFS and checking directly in to TFS. But we would like to be able to set it up to use a local TFS working folder and having the saved items checked out, so that we can check them in using visual studio, in order to check it in with other related code, have easier access to VS code review features etc.

When using the Workingfolder option when linking a DB to source control SQL Source Control will save changes to the correct file, but it will not check those files out from TFS. Is this possible? Is it also possible to add created objects to source control?


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    If you use the Working Folder option, then all that SQL Source Control will do during a commit/get latest is update that folder.

    All the checking out from TFS and committing changes back in will need to be done via Visual Studio or the TFS commandline tools etc.
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