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Unable to connect to the Data Repository

darryldarryl Posts: 3
edited February 27, 2014 2:40AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

I'm having an issue with a new install of SQL Monitor 4. The OS is Windows 2012 server, I am using the Webserver that Redgate installs rather than IIS and the backend is SQL 2012 Enterprise Edition SP1 CU5. All components are on the same server.

The SQL Server backend is in an AvailabilityGroup but not sure if that should make a difference. When I run SQL Profiler I can see lots of calls coming from "SQL Monitor - Repository" so the "SQL Monitor 4 Base Monitor" service seems to be running correctly but when I browse to the webiste I see the message:
Unable to connect to the Data Repository
Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value

I've found a Website.log file but this is empty, are there any other logs I should be looking at to try and narrow this problem down?




  • When you navigate to the website do things like the SQL Monitor title bar (with Overviews, Alerts etc) display? Or are you seeing the error message before this point?

    Have the user account details changed at all? During installation you would have been asked to supply a user account to connect to the Base Monitor with.

    If you navigate to Configuration > About and select Retrieve All Log Files, can you send the .zip to [email protected] and quote the ticket number #13936 in the subject line.
  • Hi Chris

    I literally just get the SQL Monitor graphic in the centre and this;
    Unable to connect to the Data Repository
    Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value

    There is no title bar or anything else on the page to interact with. Since there is no toolbar I'm unsure on how to send you the logs you've requested. None of the accounts have been changed after installation.

    What I have noticed are these messages in Event Viewer:

    2014-02-26 15:25:04,090 [5] ERROR RedGate.Response.Engine.Alerting.Base.Service.MonitoringAndStorageService [(null)] - Will retry in 5 seconds.

    2014-02-26 15:25:04,078 [5] ERROR RedGate.Response.Engine.Alerting.Base.Service.MonitoringAndStorageService [(null)] - Unhandled exception in delayed start.
    System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: value
    at System.BitConverter.ToString(Byte[] value)
    at #RVG.#esG.#tQb()
    at RedGate.Licensing.Client.LicenceEngineBase.GetLicence(Int32 productCode, String productName, Int32 majorVersion, Int32 minorVersion, String location)
    at #RVG.#mNH.#0IH()
    at #RVG.#kNH.#3IH(Boolean )
    at #eLv.#qNV..ctor(#nNV , NetworkSettingsSection , RepositorySettingsSection , CollectionSettingsSection , AlertSettingsSection , FeatureUsageSettingsSection , #ffZ , #li5c , Option`1 , Option`1 , Option`1 )
    at #eLv.#dLv.#ANV()

    The server I've installed this on has no internet access, is the product trying to reach your servers for activation and could this be the root of the problem?

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