Deployment when dev. and prod. environments are separated

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I am working an organisation which has separated the development (and testing) environment complete from the production environments. The production environment is at a different place, at a separate LAN and I am not able to connect to it.

I’ve setup Deploymentmanager and I am able to distribute the de releases to the different targets in the development/testing environment.

What is the trick to push the releases to the production environment?
Should a VPN connection been setup so that the development and production environments are connected to each other? Should the resulting .nupkg package copied to production and installed for the command line? Something else?

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    Thanks for your post. I'm really pleased to hear that you are using Deployment Manager in your Dev/Test environments and now want to extend it to deploy to Production.

    You are right that you'd need a VPN connection to your production environment. You'll also need to install a deployment agent on the Production server and add it to the appropriate environment in Deployment Manager.

    You'll need to ensure that the Deployment Manager server can contact the Production server on the port the agent is listening on (this may involve a firewall change) - this is port 10301 by default.

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