Deploying webapp with database and windows services

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Somehow I can't connect the dots. I would like to deploy a webapp with a sql database and some windows services.

I understand how I can publish for deployment from Visual Studio. But this is only the web application.

I really don't understand how I can deploy the windows services. I have found a powershell script, but how do I create one package with the webapp, the web services and the powershell script(s)?

The windows services are in different project files. I can't package those with Rgpublish. Could someone please give some pointers?


  • You can't really do all this in one package. Each component (the web app, the windows service, the database) would usually be each in their own package. Your project in Deployment Manager would then have a "Step" for each component.

    You can indeed publish the web-app package from Visual Studio using the VS Addin.
    For the Service, you'd package up the build output folder using RGPublish along with the required powershell (an example is in our powershell forum linked from this one, which it sounds like you found already?)
    For the database, you can either package it from within SSMS using the SSMS Addin, or alternatively using our SQL Automation tools (such as sqlci.exe)

    The getting started overview (see here) takes you through the process of creating a project, package, and steps.

    Hope that helps
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  • Thank you. I missed this part in the rgpublish output:
    Path to a .csproj file, .nuspec file, or a directory to publish.
    For example: "C:\My Project\Project.csproj" or "C:\My Project"

    Or a directory to publish.
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