Could not be compared

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Hi all,

I had a table that was corrupt, and a backup with a non-corrupt version. I thought i would be able to use Data Compare to fix the issue doing a compare data and then re-syncing. but when i do a compare pre and post DBCC CHECKDB REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS, the results are

"Tables or views could not be compared."

The table that im interested in has a create statement off:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[NotificationItems](
[NotificationID] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
[Title] [nvarchar](4000) NOT NULL,
[Description] [nvarchar](max) NULL,
[CreatedAt] [datetime] NOT NULL,
[Ignored] [bit] NOT NULL,
[NotificationTypeID] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
[varchar](511) NULL,
[AcknowledgedAt] [datetime] NULL,
[AcknowledgedBy] [nvarchar](100) NULL


ALTER TABLE [dbo].[NotificationItems] ADD DEFAULT ((0)) FOR [Ignored]


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