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Scripting of Object Level Recovery?

waynephwayneph Posts: 29
edited February 7, 2014 11:24AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have a few PeopleSoft databases that each contain 20,000+ tables in them. Occasionally we do something in a development environment where we want to restore tables from the last back up. With the size of the database, we can occasionally run into space issues, not to mention the fun of scrolling through a GUI to select tables out of a list that long.

Is there any way to script the Object Level Receovery?

The one or two times I tried the wizard, I ended up backing out and just finding somewhere to restore the entire database. I am hoping that I am just missing something.



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    Unfortunately the Object Level Recovery functionality cannot be scripted. And as you have found, it doesn't handle large database schemas especially well.

    I would recommend that you keep doing the full restores to get to your objects. There is the option of using SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare to copy any objects and the data to another database. These are far more reliable.
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