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Hello RedGate,

Is there someway to talk to the DM process to automate deploys?

The case would be:
- We create a package (tested and ready for publish)
- We go home
- A automatic script would talk to the DM for example at midnight and start the deploy for our development environment. (Nightly build idea)

We come back in the office and go start working with it!

At the moment deploys just take about 5-10 minutes but still some kind of scheduling would be usefull. Even more when you can get error/success reports from it. ... in-config-

Is there a status update possible on that? How long its going to take? Like it will be build within 3/6/12 months?


  • Hi,

    Automating deployments

    We don't currently have support for scheduled deployments in the Deployment Manager UI (it's mentioned in this uservoice suggestion). However, you can get the functionality you want by using Windows scheduled tasks to schedule DeploymentManager.exe operations to automate deployments. The process exit code will be zero if the deployment suceeds, non-zero otherwise. You can also make deploymentmanager.exe output the full deployment log by adding the -l command line flag.

    DeploymentManager.exe is documented here, and you can also get full documentation on the available command line arguments by running
    deploymentmanager.exe help

    Using variables to control all sections of .config files

    We were actually discussing that one in a planning meeting this week. We're not sure how to strike the balance between simplicity and flexibility of configuration. It would be really helpful if you could tell us what configuration elements you're trying to change, and how you'd like to be able to use variables to make those changes.

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