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I am just trying to compare two tables in the same database for data differences, it seems there isn't a way to map one table to another, just like tables in different databases. Is this possible, any suggestions.

This is an example:

If I have table `dbo.PortsBaselineTable` and `dbo.PortsTable`

Each have the exact same column names:


I want to be able to query the resulting differences. The dbo.PortsBaselineTable will have about 6000 rows and the Baseline Column will have the number '1', the dbo.PortsTable will continually add data and the Baseline Column will have '0' for all rows. I want to pick two dates one from each table and compare all the rows that are different based on the two particular dates and then grouped by computer name.

Is this even feasible? I would mind having the data in the same table with just the baseline flag changing as I add more data.

Here is a snapshot of the result set:

Date Plant ComputerName Protocol LocalAddress LocalPort RemoteAddress RemotePort State ProcessName Baseline
2014-01-30 07:52:58 plantname COMPUTERNAME TCP 49157 64807 ESTABLISHED lsass 1


  • I figured it out. I have removed the Date field from the Comparison key mapping but it still seems like it is comparing these two fields and giving a resultant set on this. Also is there a way to see the SQL that it is generating in order to do the compare?
  • Found it under Object Mapping (Partial)
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    Thanks for following up. You can compare data in the same database by placing the same database on the left and right sides or the project screen. Then you can use the object mapping tab to map the two tables together and then map the columns. As long as the datatypes of the columns are similar enough to be compared, you can compare different tables and columns this way.
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