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SSMS2012 - Crash moving SSC Tab - v3.5.4.332

PDinCAPDinCA Posts: 642 Silver 1
Several things, the worst of which is that SSC crashed SSMS and when it came back up I had to reconfigure the UI elements.

1. If I have TWO vertical tab groups open, right-clicking a database and choosing "Commit..." causes SSC to open its tab in a NEW vertical tab group - definitely UNWANTED. (Even If I only have one tab group, SSC insists on its own tab group - also UNWANTED).

2. I made the mistake of dragging the SSC tab while it was populating and BOOM! "Management Studio has stopped working"! Highly undesirable. Microsoft does us the kindness of automatically restarting but goodness knows from whence it retrieves the UI configuration! I NEVER show the Properties Pane - there it is! My Object Explorer since the year dot has always been auto-hidden on the left - oh look, it's now undocked and floating at top-left! Some of this may be outside Red Gate's control, but stopping SSC bombing SSMS surely isn't.

3. Despite the MANY, MANY, MANY times I have had to click View => Toolbars => Red Gate, the annoying little thing will NOT persist across SSMS sessions on anything like a reliable basis. If I'm lucky enough to see it on revisit, you bet your last squid that any "Customization" of that bar will be nuked. So, as I value my toolbar real-estate, I set all three icons to "Default", so I only see the icon. If I shut down SSMS immediately and then start it up, guess what: "Look no customization" (I must admit I was completely surprised this time to see the toolbar, but my hopes of icon-only were dashed as usual.) This seems like a trivial thing, but when the Red Gate Toolbar cannot be relied upon to be there whenever one needs it, why bother even having a toolbar in the first place? Oh, just for fun I closed down and restarted and "THERE IS NO RED GATE TOOLBAR!" Yay, successfully back to normal...

Seriously hope you can fix all these usability gaffs especially as you just solicited input on the next SQL Search, which happens to be one of the tools featured in the toolbar...

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    I've passed all your UI feedback on to the devs - thanks for the detailed feedback! We're looking into it to see how best we can ameliorate the situation.

    As far as the SSMS crash goes - we've heard about a couple of cases in which SQL Source Control brought down SSMS when users were switching between tabs and moving them about quickly, but we never found anything we could reproduce for testing. I know it's really inconvenient, but can you reproduce the crash at all? If so, can you let us know the exact steps you went through?
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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