/include:StaticData with /option:NoTransactions not working

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Our msbuild build script is executing sqlcompare twice with everything the same except the 2nd time we include NoTransactions on the option list.

and then

This is the only different between the 2 executions. The first includes the sql code to insert a new static data row, the 2nd does not. The output at the command window shows both finding the stat data difference.

Full Command Line (paths/files redacted):

sqlcompare /scripts1:"***" /scripts2:"****" /scriptfile:"****" /options:Default,IgnoreTSQLT,IgnoreUsersPermissionsAndRoleMemberships /force /migrationsfolder:"****" /scriptsfolderxml:****" /revision1:1172 /revision2:1151 /Exclude:Synonym /Exclude:User /include:StaticData

The only difference is the /optons: (see above) and /scriptfile:""

This is happening on the build server
SQL Compare Command Line V10.5.0.378
and my local machine
SQL Compare Command Line V10.4.8.87


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