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Lost SQL Search after upgrading to SQL Prompt

lemosjlemosj Posts: 3
edited February 8, 2014 5:33AM in SQL Search Previous Versions
Help ...

Launched MS SSMS (2012) [...on Windows 7 64-bit] this morning with it prompting to upgrade to "SQL Prompt". Accepted upgrade causing SSMS to close and re-start ...successfully.

But SQL Search is no longer available thru menu.

Attempt to enable Red Gate toolbar. No longer shows up in it.

Next, re-install latest SQL Search version. It displays in toolbar ...but with SQL Search greyed out (/disabled).

Looked in forums ...and Google ...with no luck.

Any suggestions or ideas that may help?

Sorry for crosspost ...wasn't sure which product forum to place this in.


  • David PondDavid Pond Posts: 25 Bronze 1
    edited January 30, 2014 5:55AM
    Hmm... that's very odd. It's a long shot but did you uninstall SQL Search before reinstalling it?

    We've just started doing some work on SQL Search, we haven't released anything yet, but you could try an early build.

    [download URL removed]

    Let me know how you get on [[email protected]]... If it doesn't work hopefully we'll have a stable early access release available soon.
  • Did not see it listed prior to re-install.

    Went back now and uninstalled it again, removed empty entry from registry under "current user" for Red Gate ...deleted left over files from corresponding '...\AppData\...', '...\Program Files (x86)\...', and '...\ProgramData\...' folders so as to re-attempt install with 'SQLSearch_1.1.9.57.exe'. Result was the same that icon showed up in toolbar but disabled ...and also in the menu under SQL Prompt which is also disabled. Attempted repair from windows control panel. No change.

    Uninstalled and deleted again from previous locations ...and attempted your shared link.

    Got partial SUCCESS ...SQL Search is now enabled in toolbar (once selected from <TOOLS><CUSTOMIZE>) ...and functional ...but no option exists to pick directly from main menu bar ( before).

    In any case I now have back a functional SQL Search ...thank you.
  • dpokludadpokluda Posts: 4 New member
    Can you please add the download URL for the new version. I would like to test the new version if possible.
  • Hi,

    We're planning to release the new version towards the end of March, there're still improvements we'd like to make.

    There will be opportunities to try early releases of SQL Search, for example we're keen to check the upgrade experience is smooth. If you'd like to try these early builds then please send me a PM with your e-mail address.

    The build for Lemosj was to fix the specific problem he was experiencing, but there were no new features in that build. And I'd prefer it was not widely distributed because it may prove incompatible with future releases.

    Best wishes,
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