SqlCompare filter not being used when called by SQLCI.exe

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We are running SQLCI.exe for automating our SQL Server schema as part of a TFS 2012 Team build. We are following the documentation found in this link: http://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SOC3/Using+Team+Foundation+Server+2012+or+Team+Foundation+Service#. We are deploying from source control directly to a downstream database with these additionalCompareArgs: /Filter:filter.scpf /LogLevel:Verbose.

I created the filter via the gui in the .scpf file, but it seems as if it isn’t picked up. (Extract from the scpf file)
<Role version="1">
<Expression>(@NAME LIKE '%')</Expression> />

Extract of MSBuild log file:
Build started.
C:\Builds2\>sqlCI.exe "/scriptsFolder:Database\ScriptsFolder\RegGateCI" "/databaseServer:MYSERVER" "/databaseName:WidgetShop" "/databaseIntegratedAuthentication" "/additionalCompareArgs:/Filter:filter.scpf /LogLevel:Verbose" "/licenseSerialKey:XXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX"
sqlCI.exe -- Red Gate's SQL Continuous Integration v1.1.1.1034

STARTING: Verifying license
Exiting since no other command line options were passed.
Terminating application with exit code 0 to indicate success

STARTING: Updating database
Starting: C:\Builds2\SC\SQLCompare.exe /include="Identical" /include="StaticData" /scripts1="Database\ScriptsFolder\RegGateCI" /server2="MYSERVER" /database2="WidgetShop" /synchronize /Filter="filter.scpf" /LogLevel="Verbose"
SQL Compare Command Line V10.5.0.378
Retrieving migration scripts
Checking for identical databases
Creating SQL
Inserting static data SQL into deployment script
Deploying changes (from DB1 to DB2)

Summary Information
DB1 = RegGateCI
DB2 = MYSERVER.WidgetShop
Role db_denydatareader == ==
Role db_backupoperator == ==
Role db_datareader == ==
Role db_accessadmin == ==
Build succeeded.
0 Warning(s)
0 Error(s)

You can see that the filter to exclude roles were not picked up even the /filter switch was passed from SqlCI.exe to SqlCompare.exe.

I am new to this forum. Please feel free to point me to any existing solution which i was unable to find.



  • Hi,

    I think one possibililty here is the "include identical" switch- according to the docs the filter switch can't be used alongside the /include switch (although I'm guessing the staticdata option is an exclusion to that)

    I can't see from the log output where it was added though?
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  • Good catch.

    i couldn't find how the 2 SC arguments were added. /include="Identical" /include="StaticData". They were certainly not from the target file <additionalCompareArgs>/Filter:snapshotfilter.scpf /LogLevel:Verbose</additionalCompareArgs>

    i checked the filter .scpf file and SQLCompare.exe.config, they did not include any of the switches or anything related i could think of.

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