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I was going to reply to a previous SQL 2005 inquiry but it was locked. We have some S-OX issues and are planning for moving to SQL 2005.

Your competitive upgrade page mentions other companies not being able to support 2005. The thread posted in November indicates a Log Rescue version due after Bundle has been released. I also see a lot of crash and database problems in this forum. What are your plans for getting 2005 up and running?



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    Log Rescue is a new product and does have a few issues we've already fixed for the soon-to-be-released 1.1 version. The main issue with LR as it stands is scalability. It makes huge demands on the workstation in terms of resources needed to process thousands if not millions of transactions and on the server end there are still some issues remaining with Windows kernel calls because of the way Windows handles kernel calls when it is low on resources.

    So, first objective is to get these things all ironed out. Next objective is 2005 log support. This is going to have a long research phase (LR 1.0 was the result of nine months of research!) so I wouldn't expect anything any time soon, to be honest.
  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks. Does Log Rescue support 64-bit processors yet? If not any plans?

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    64-bit is not even on the radar yet! All of the processing of the data is done on the client, so maybe it works from a 32-bit Windows PC. I haven't tested it personally.

    The only concern I can see is the extended stored procedure it installs on the SQL Server. If it is a 32-bit version of SQL Server, I could imagine it works, but again I'm not 100% sure about thsi.
  • Anything new in terms of support for 2005?
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    If there is any news I'm sure there would be an announcement.
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