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Change Found but "changed By" is unknown

pvanhousepvanhouse Posts: 9 Bronze 1
SQL Source Control installed on my machine only, and SVN as our change repository.

I created the logging DB (ChangeLog), then had another user drop and recreate a SQL view with a minor change.

When I run Source Control in SQL I can see the change, but the "Changedby" field reads "Unknown"

If I make the change on my machine I see my username.

When I check the table ChangeLog.dbo.RG_AllObjects, I see both changes and the proper usernames.

When I Commit the changes, SVN shows my name as the user (I guess since I did the commit?)

Is this working as designed? Does each user need to have Source Control installed and the commit their own changes in order to properly track WHO made the changes to the database?
Paul Van House


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    Hi, thanks for your post.

    For the second part of your query, the commit as far as SVN is concerned will always be listed against whoever actually ran the commit operation. The person that changed the object in the database is irrelevant.

    Some things to check for the 'changed by' showing unknown:

    - ensure the other user has made the config file change to point to the changelog DB you set up, the same as you did.
    - when they change an object, wait a minute or so before refreshing your commit tab (the polling query to track changes runs at intervals, you may have refreshed and seen unknown as the query hadn't run for the other user yet)
    - ensure the change is one that we are able to track. The last part of the article you probably saw earlier lists some of these (see here) - that doesn't sound like the problem in this case though.
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