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Command Line Usage

SteveGTRSteveGTR Posts: 91
edited January 20, 2014 6:03AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I created a batch file to compare a snapshot against a database. A project was created using the GUI where I specify to only check stored procedures (I've simplified the filter down for this example). Here's the batch file (simplified):

sqlcompare /Project:Project.scp /report:SchemaDifferences.html /reporttype:Simple /f


SQLCompare reports that nothing is different, exits with 63, and produces a report with no differences.

I see that in order to get anything to work I have to include the /reportAllObjectsWithDifferences parameter.

Running the batch file again, SQLCompare reports that nothing is different, exits with 63, but now the report has everything that is different.

This is my problem, I saved the project after specifying that only stored procedures are compared.

I'm using the project file for a number of reasons:

1) First I ran into a similar problem when my filter was being ignored. The filter was saved via the GUI

2) I like the simple encryption that is being done on the password encoded in the project file

3) It's nice to be able to run the exact same comparison via the command line and the GUI

I'm using SQLCompare version V10.4.8.87.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    We will contact you directly about this, as the problem sounds like it needs some serious debugging.

    If you want to avoid error code 63, you're supposed to use the /include:Identical switch, but then you include all objects, which may or may not override your filters (the results of using command-line options with conflicting project options are inconsistent).

    Either way /reportAllObjectsWithDifferences shouldn't suddenly be reporting all objects as different when they're not.
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