Question: OnTime integration - any/none/possible?

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We're currently using TRAC and SVN with SSC and have the TortoiseSVN client, too (needed for SSRS and SSIS commits).

Upon Commit in SSC we add, for example, [ticket:1234] as a comment and SVN logs the checkin link to the TRAC ticket, 1234, so we can see changesets from a ticket perspective in TRAC.

We're looking at transitioning to OnTime and it has hooks to Tortoise SVN that also update items in the OnTime product but we have only seen their plug-in operate in Visual Studio, not Management Studio - the plugin is essentially an extra button to choose items and builds some integration-token-string that is added to OnTime during Commit.

Has anyone tried using OnTime integration, like TRAC does it, with SSC? Any advice? Is this a "new feature" I should place on UserVoice?

Thanks, in hopes...
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  • Hi Stephen,

    This isn't one we've been asked about before I'm afraid, so it sounds like one for Uservoice...
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  • PDinCAPDinCA Posts: 642 Silver 1
    I'm having a conversation with OnTime Developers on Tuesday, so will wait until, and if, there is more detailed info I can add on Uservoice.

    I recommended the SSMS Ecosystem initiative to the OnTime folks - hoping it bears fruit as they already have a plugin for Visual Studio.
    Jesus Christ: Lunatic, liar or Lord?
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