Can you serialize a deployment step?

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edited January 16, 2014 6:00AM in Deployment Manager
Hey RG,

When you assign multiple targets to a deployment step, RGDM deploys to each target in parallel.

We have a step that does not run safely in parallel. Deployments fail unpredictably because of deadlocks.

We want to run the step strictly against one target at a time to avoid the deadlocks.

Octopus Deploy supports this through the special OctopusMaxParallelism variable.

Paul Stovell explains:
you can set a special variable called OctopusMaxParallelism to a value of, say, 5. This way the step will only be executed on 5 machines at any given time. If one machine finishes, then the next will start, and so on, with only 5 ever running at once.

Does RGDM have something similar? If it existed, we would try setting it to 1.

If you don't support this yet, do you have a workaround instead?
Iain Elder, Skyscanner


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