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Case sensitivity between machines

Adam.MAdam.M Posts: 5
edited January 13, 2014 5:55AM in Source Control for Oracle
I've just spoken to Ben on the phone and he said that I should raise this bug report in the forum.

We have an Oracle 10g database with a number of schemas where development is shared between more than one developer .

On my machine (Win 7, 64-bit) yesterday I performed an initial check in of the relevant schemas from this database into our Subversion repository using Source Control for Oracle. My copy of the application now reports that the repository is now up to date with the live database.

A colleague has started using the application on his machine (Win XP, 32-bit) today and created a project for the same database pointing to the same path in Subversion. His copy is reporting that he has a change to check in.

The change his client is reporting is relating to a difference in the case of a schema name within a procedure within a PL/SQL package (though this isn't clear in the application as the comparison pane at the bottom of the screen does not highlight differences in case!).

No changes were made to this package between the point I checked it into the database and the time he created his own project for the same database in SCO.

So a couple of issues here:-

* My initial check in using the application appears to have altered the case used within a PL/SQL procedure contained within a package
* My copy of the application now doesn't recognise that this difference now exists between the database and repository, but my colleagues application does

I am confused as to whether the SCO application is meant to be case-sensitive or not, due to the differing behaviour of our two client applications.



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    Thanks for your post.

    I'm not really sure why this would be happening. There aren't any case sensitivity options that I'm aware of that would affect this.

    Would you be able to send me an example script for an object that causes this?

    What happens if you unlink your project and then relink? Does your client then report the case difference similar to your colleague?
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