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Snippets not inserting after upgrade to SQL prompt 6

maneffamaneffa Posts: 4
edited January 9, 2014 6:57AM in SQL Prompt
I have noticed snippets no longer working after upgrading to SQL prompt 6.

Is there a detailed log I can look at or any suggestions to get them working again.

Windows 8.1
SSMS Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 11.0.3393.0
SQL Prompt



  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi Nigel,
    If you open a new query window and hit ctrl+space are the snippets listed at the bottom of the suggestions popup?
  • Yes, the snippets appear at the bottom. They are all present and correct. Both the default and my own custom ones appear.

    All of my snippets begin z, zz or zzz depending on category and I noticed as typing in eg zz no longer brings anything up.

  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Sounds like they should be working - maybe we can set up a remote session to figure out what's going wrong.

    Can you please follow this link: And here in right hand side you could see a link 'Click here to initiate chat'  and it will start chat session with us.

    Please ask the person online to transfer the chat to me and my colleague and her name is 'Anu'

  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Thanks for the remote session and sending through your snippets - I think I have a fix for you in this private build.

    We'll try to get a new stable build out for Prompt next week which'll include this bug fix and a few others.
  • Many thanks, that build fixes the problem.

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