HOWTO: Health check just one target (renaming hack)

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My first step when I add a new target machine is to make RGDM report that the target status is online (green tick).


The new SQL Server initially appears offline (red cross) because RGDM is not allowed to log in to the target.

After I grant access to RGDM, it should be able to update the status to online.

To refresh the status you have to run a health check.

The Manual Health Check function updates the status of all targets. It takes a long time when there are a lot of targets. The health check page reports failure if any of the targets fail.

A quicker way to check the health of one target is to rename it. Sounds hacky, but if you do it right it works with no apparent side effects.

'Rename' the server to update the status


Click Edit to open the dialog to rename the target.

Add a space to the name of target.

Click Save.


After you save the new name, RGDM runs the health check again.


Because I've granted access, RGDM can confirm the server is online. The status is now online. Success!


The best part? I don't actually have to rename the server back because RGDM automatically trims spaces from the ends of target names.

So triggered the health check without really renaming the target at all!

Can we get a button for this?

Of course, this would be easier if there was a 'Refresh status' button or similar next to the edit button.

Could you give us one of those?
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