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How can I comapre a modified object in SSMS with that in TFS

lswrlswr Posts: 2
Hi, Using SSMS 2008, I have just installed SQL Source Control 3 and put my database into TFS2012.

I have made some modificationns to a stored procedure checked in the change and then modified it again so I have a pending checkin.

I want to be able to compare the pending checkin in SSMS with the most recent version in TFS prior to doing the checkin, (as I normally would when checking code chnages into TFS). However, I have been unbale to find a way of doing this. When looking at version histoty I can see the diff between the different versions in TFS, but not between the version in TFS and that in SSMS. On the Checkin page I can find no way of performing a diff between the pending checkin and the TFS version and I can see no reference to being able to do this in the documentation.

I assume I must be missing something very obvious as the ability to look at the differeneces between the version the the repository that version you are working on is a critical part of the process.


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    The difference between the version in the database and the version in your repository is displayed in the Commit changes tab.
    Prior to committing changes, the differences between the database version and the latest version in source control are displayed in the differences pane(lower pane) for the highlighted object.
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