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Vault 7 Support

davegrdavegr Posts: 15

We need to upgrade our Source Gear Vault installation to 7.1 in order to use it with Visual Studio 2013. Does anyone know if Vault 7.1 will work with the latest version of Source Control? Any workarounds if there is no official support?




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    We don't currently support 7.1 I'm afraid. We're aiming to add this, but I don't have a precise date. It's likely to be once we've completed TFS 2013 support.

    If you need to upgrade Vault right now, then an alternative would be to link SQL Source Control using the Working Folder option, and then use the Vault client tools to perform the commits etc.
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    MSDTrinityMSDTrinity Posts: 2 Bronze 2
    Is Red-Gate going to release a new version to support the 7.1 Vault yet? It's been 6 months :roll:

    Dont' mind me - I'm stupid and didn't check if I had the latest version - version 3.6.x supports it correctly.

    Sorry for the misleading post.
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