Where has the Source Code / Hierarchy Panel gone?

I am running a licensed version of ANTS profiler 2.6.0 build 62 - I am not sure exactly what I did but I can no longer see the source code or hierarchy panel. No amount of clicking View->Source Code will get the window back. I have tried hiding all the other windows and randomly clicking around the place. Am I missing something here?



  • ...I think it may have been whilst creating/destroying column header groups.

    I had a group [time -> hit count -> method]. I dragged each item from the group over the remaining columns (to remove them from the group). Repeating this process seems to have caused the application to hang. This is reproducable - remove in the order method, hit count, time.

    Any ideas on this? I have a small window in which I need to performance tune an application. It is proving hard to identify the bottlenecks without the source code or hierarchy panel.

  • I managed to get the source panel back after reading this:

    http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... =interface

    However the other problem still exists.

    In order, create a group of [Time, Hit Count, Method]

    Now remove [Method, Hit Count, Time] from the group by dragging them over the remaining column headers.

    The application hangs with around %50 cpu usage.
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