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Performance Counters not working

MikeAGriffeyMikeAGriffey Posts: 3
edited December 20, 2013 6:16PM in ANTS Memory Profiler 8
I am trying to profile a silverlight 5 application. I clicked New Profiling Session -> Silverlight 4+ Application, entered the application URL and then click Start Profiling. The silverlight application loads properly in IE and the screen changes from the starting application screen to the profile screen . Though iExplorer in Windows Task Manager is over 500MB, the Memory Profiler is not tracking it. It says at 0 bytes and the timeline is not moving. I just reinstalled the OS on the computer and reinstalled .Net Developer bundle. The same code works on another developers box. I check to be sure all iexplore.exe are gone before I start up. Any help would be appreciated.

Windows 7 64bit
Ants Memory Profiler
Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16476



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