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Query Timeout in SDK

keithrkeithr Posts: 16 Bronze 2
I am using the SDK (v10) as part of our automated build utility. Previously, it had no issues with the connections when running the SaveToDisk method.

I am testing our build utility on a machine in another part of the network, and now I am getting time out issues when trying to create snapshots off some off the larger databases. (larger being relative, the databases with issues create snapshots about 2megs, while most are under 200k)

I've tried adjusting the timeout on the SQL Server side and this seemed to solve some of the timeouts, but I was wondering if there is a property I could set within the API, so the change can be restricted to when the snapshots are created.
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    It depends on the type of timeout. If it's a timeout getting the initial connection to SQL Server (connection timeout), you can fool SDK into increasing the timeout by putting this after the server name (MYCOMP\MYSERVER;Connection Timeout=600) in the ConnectionProperties. If the problem is that during the registration, the metadata is not returned within the timeout (query timeout), there is no setting you can change because the query timeout is hardcoded at 600 seconds.
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