Incorrect Credentials or Insufficient Permissions

r.burnhamr.burnham Posts: 6
edited December 23, 2013 9:20AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
Regardless of the user account I try I get this error when adding a server. The server is not on the same domain as the sql_monitor server, when I add the monitored server I'm doing it with just ip.

I've even tried using the sa account and I still get the error; is there some specific permission needed?


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    This was corrected (or at least, now its changed).

    Now I have another error:

    20 Dec 2013 9:37 AM Registry OpenRegistryHive: LocalMachine Cannot connect Win32Exception The network path was not found
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    Are you still using the IP address or have you changed to use network name? There could be a DNS issue of the computer running the SQL Monitor base monitor service.
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