Deployment Manager Portal ~ NuGet ~ Error [fixed]

jochem4207jochem4207 Posts: 47
edited December 19, 2013 2:46PM in Deployment Manager
Hello Redgate,

I had low space on my drive so I deleted some builds I dont use anymore. I've version 0.9 so I deleted 0.1 to 0.8.

I deleted some older cache packages to and after that it collapsed giving me this error:


(I erased some values because of public upload on tinypic)

This was on myredgatesite:8080/nuget

I'm now reinstalling redgate deployment manager hoping it will fix it.

Also when reinstalling redgate you get redirected to a webpage, when i submit the form the page stays blank. Looks like a issue on the survery website.

Edit: one minute after posting it is fixed by reinstalling redgate, not deleted any folders. Just reinstalled the manager


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