Can I force a failure when nothing is deployed?

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Green means the deployment was successful, right?


When TeamCity invokes the deployment, not necessarily.

Deployment Manager allows TeamCity to deploy to an environment with no configured targets, and reports success after deploying nothing.

The deployment summary shows that DM thinks it installed two packages.


But the log shows that DM just skipped the installation entirely!

2013-12-12 16:28:29 +00:00 INFO The deployment step 'Rhubarb.Rhubarb.Rhubarb version 1.0.8603.199' has not been configured to deploy to any targets in the environment 'INT-REVIEW'. This step will be skipped.

The dashboard says that "this task completed without a problem".

If there are no targets to accept my deployment, I'd say that's a problem!

Can I make the deployment fail when this happens?
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