Dude, Where's My Var?

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edited December 19, 2013 12:49PM in Deployment Manager
Hey RG,

Deployment Manager v. has a UI bug that affects Firefox 25.

When you refresh the variables page, all the variables disappear from view.

It could make you think you've lost configuration data.

Here's a repro.

Create a new Deployment Manager project.



Click 'Projects'.

Give the project a name a click 'Create'.

Add a new variable.


http://redgatedeploy:81/projects/dude-w ... /variables

Click 'Variables'.

On the variables page click 'Add new'.

Give the new variable a name and a value. Click 'Save'.

Refresh the page.


Refresh the page.

The variable is hidden.

Click Variables again.


Click 'Variables' again.

The variable is visible again.
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