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Possible issue with HTML generation

dykesadykesa Posts: 16 Bronze 1
edited December 16, 2013 9:22AM in SQL Doc
First, I like the new SQL Doc (3), it has a lot of nice features. I think there may be a slight problem with the HTML generation. I thought I was just not understanding something but some thought has led me to think it might just be a detail that was overlooked.

When the documentation is generated, it makes 3 .html files in the primary directory:
1) index.html
2) main.html
3) tree.html

By default a web browser will request index.html from a URL if no file is specified but the index.html file doesn't have any links. It looks like it is the "splash" page and sure enough, if you load main.html, it appears that tree.html is loaded on the left frame and index.html is loaded on the right frame.

This isn't the end of the world once you figure out what is going on but if I upload my documentation to a server, say mywebserver.com under the web path /databasedocumentation and then open a web browser to http://mywebserver.com/databasedocumentation -- I essentially get a page that does nothing and has no documentation info. I think maybe that what is being put into main.html should be in index.html and vice versa.


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    dykesadykesa Posts: 16 Bronze 1
    And while I was poking around with my documentation files flipping main.html and index.html, I noticed that the top couple of lines of tree.html also reference index.html.
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    Hi there,

    We carried this style forward from SQL Doc v2. However, as you say it is not particularly intuitive. I have raised an enhancement request for you: SDOC-1567. I cannot promise when this will be done, but we will take a look at it for the next release.


    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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