Error When Upgrading Server Components

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I upgraded the GUI on my laptop to version 7.6 this afternoon, and subsequently updated the server components on one of my servers.

I then tried the second server, and got an error - code 262144.

When I checked the web page that the error linked to, it said:
The version of the SQL Backup Pro extended stored procedure dynamic-link library (xp_sqlbackup.dll) is incorrect.

How do I get hold of the correct version of the DLL - can I just copy it from my other server, or do I need to do a full re-install? I'd rather not have to take this approach if it means that I have to re-build all of my log ship jobs.




  • You can uninstall the SQL Backup Server Components without it affecting your SQL Backup Scheduled jobs. It will mean that any jobs that try to run when the components are not present will fail, but once they have been re-installed these jobs should run successfully.

    First copy the SQBServerSetup.exe file, which can be found in the SQL Backup UI installation folder, to the machine hosting the SQL Server instance. Then uninstall the existing components, once complete, execute the .exe.
  • Thanks Chris

    Do I need to de-activate the licence first before uninstalling so that I can re-install on the same licence key?


  • Assuming that the hardware stays the same, then deactivation is not necessary.
  • Quick update:

    I managed to upgrade the components without uninstalling in the end. The server was rebooted as part of a maintenance outage, and subsequent to this, the software upgraded with no issues.


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