SSC History launches SDC without project settings

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Hey RG,

SQL Source Control's History function launches SQL Data Compare without any project settings. (version

We find the History function useful for testing migration scripts. It would be great if you could fix this little thing to make it easier for us to test things.

To show you what I mean I'll walk through how to sync my database to test a migration from revision 20124 to 20130.

Select revision with History UI

Revision 20124 is selected in the History.

First I'll sync the schema then the data using the highlighted buttons.


Sync schema with SQL Compare

I click the blue button in the History to launch SQL Compare.

It launches with project settings that match the History UI: the same VCS, the same revision, the same target database.


In SQL Compare I just click 'Compare Now' and then go to the Deployment Wizard. Easy!

Sync data with SQL Data Compare

I go back to the History UI and click the red button to launch SQL Data Compare.

It launches with a clean slate. Before I can sync the data, I have to set up the project myself. Not taxing, but tedious.


Can you make SQL Source Control pass the correct project settings to SQL Data Compare?

Iain Elder, Skyscanner
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