setting up with TFS 2010 for the first time ... a noob

Having read the tutorial, I just want to be clear in my understanding.
We're doing a data warehouse development project and want to use SQL Source Control.

In TFS we've set up folders for each 'sprint', with folders having the name format of iterationn where the last n is a number; iteration1, iteration2, etc.

Our data warehouse consists of multiple databases for various layers of the architecture.

In our first attempt at using SQL Source Control, we linked all the databases to the iteration1 TFS folder. The outcome was that everything from all the databases appeared to be merged for any of the databases when they were selected.

I'm guessing what we should do is build a folder in TFS under the iteration1 folder for each database and then link each database to its namesake in the TFS system?

Would that be correct?

Thanks in advance for the assist.
Randy Volters
Data Acquisition Architect
Seibels Insurance and Technology Services


  • Hi Randy,

    Yes, that's right. In short, the folder you link to should contain *only* files related to that specific database. If you link to a folder higher up the tree, we will parse all subfolders and you'll either see objects you weren't expecting (as in your case), or alternatively the tool may throw 'duplicate object definition' errors.

    Hope that helps!
    Systems Software Engineer

    Redgate Software

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