SQL Compare - Ability to handle db over 100 GB

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I am currently using the trial version of SQL Data Compare. I am inspired of its results and working.

we have databases that are over 100 GB and in differenct cities. we have connection of lease lines to link all dbs or servers.

My question is the time it will take to compare data for db which is over 100 GB and and is linked through leased lines.

Seconldy. i need confirmation... upon running synch, all foriegn keys will be dropped and re-creats once synch has done.

pls reply my both questions


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    Sorry I can't tell you how much time it would take to make this comparison because there are just too many factors such as server load, network speed, etc.

    I can tell you that dropping and recreating primary and foreeign keys (as well as disabling triggers) is an option in Data Compare that you can turn on and off. More than likely most queries will fail if you don't drop the foreign keys during synchronization because intermediate states of data synchronization will most definitely violate these constraints.
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