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Error with nvarchar(max) and text fields

dbouchard@tricomputer.comdbouchard@tricomputer.com Posts: 14 Bronze 2
when I compare 2 databases with text fields, I get an error as follows on the below command from the diff script:

EXEC(N'DECLARE @pv binary(16)
'+N'SELECT @pv=TEXTPTR([notes_log]) FROM [cqadmin].[Defect] WHERE [dbid]=33731958
UPDATETEXT [cqadmin].[Defect].[notes_log] @pv NULL NULL N''
===== State: Review by:lvl7build at 09/11/2013 08:35:25 =====
Coverity resolved this issue based on label: FMZ20130911_1



Cannot convert data type nvarchar(max) to text.


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