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Cluster feature request

tstadlertstadler Posts: 16
edited February 28, 2006 5:20AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Well this weekend we had some major changes on our 2 SQL clusters and now running on the alternate nodes. Here is what we have found, we installed SQL backup on these 2 clusters (Both active and inactive node) and made all of the configuration changes and activated the license based on what was the current active node. Backups worked great till now, we had to switch to the alternate nodes. All configuration and license was lost and backups started failing. Seems that the configuration and license is stored on each node in its registry. Problem when you can't switch nodes until an issue. Seems that for a cluster maybe the configuration shouldn't be stored on the node but in a Database hosted by the nodes. Litespeed stores it's procs and config in a database of its own, might be a nice feature in the future for Clustered SQL server setup. From now on we will be watchfull to copy the reg keys from node to node as needed for new setups.
I could be incorect in my findings, but this is what we observed.


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