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Problems removing server components from multiple instances

edited February 28, 2006 11:02AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Contrary to the instructions provided in this post, I am having trouble removing SQLBackup server components from multiple SQL Server 2000 instances on the same machine.

What happens is I saw only one entry in Add/Remove Programs for Server Components. This had the name of one of my 2 instances - so far so good. When I Removed that item from Add/Remove Programs, the SQLBackup Client then sees the corresponding instance as having no SQLBackup Server Components installed. Good.

BUT... The other SQL Server 2000 instance still shows up in SQLBackup Client as having an expired demo of SQLBackup Server Components present. And there is no Add/Remove Programs item that has the other instance name. All that is there is an Add/Remove Programs item called "SQL Backup". From uninstalls I have done on other machines I would say this is just the client software. And I don't want to remove the client software until I am sure I have removed all the server software (since only the client software allows me to verify that the server software has been removed).

I tried using the command line SQLServerSetup.exe to try to uninstall the Server Components from this other instance. Unfortunately it doesn't give any help on the command line, it just fails (or succeeds?) silently in every case.

I can't remember which order I previously installed Server components on to the 2 instances.

I have refreshed SQLBackup Client many times, and seen updates on other data (eg most recent Log file backed up), so I don't think I have old/stale information on the status of the instance.

Please tell me how to do this.



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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    The server components comprises mainly of the service application and the extended stored procedures. To check that they have been 'removed' from your instance, you can perform the following:

    - check if a SQL Backup Agent service is still present for that instance in your list of installed services. If it is there, stop the service, open a command prompt window, go to the folder where the service is set up to run, and run the following:

    sqbcoreservice /uninstall -> for the default instance


    sqbcoreservice /uninstall /i <instance name> -> for a named instance

    Then simply delete SQBCoreService.exe, and all other files in that SQL Backup subfolder.

    - for the extended stored procedures, run the following to remove them:

    sp_dropextendedproc sqlbackup
    sp_dropextendedproc sqbutility
    sp_dropextendedproc sqbstatus
    sp_dropextendedproc sqbmemory

    Then run the following to unload the DLL from memory:

    DBCC xp_sqlbackup (FREE)

    Finally, delete xp_sqlbackup.dll from the instance's Binn folder.
    Peter Yeoh
    SQL Backup Consultant Developer
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    Thanks Peter for the detailed help.

    Actually there was an unins000.exe binary in the same folder you pointed me to, where sqbcoreservice.exe lives; I just ran that uninstaller binary and it uninstalled everything. The service and binaries are now gone, as are the xp's.

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