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Can anyone confirm how SQLCompare decides what order to deploy objects in?

I have a case (fairly common in our organisation) where the scripts generated by SQLCompare refer to objects before they exist (i.e. they are created later on in the deployment script).

We're on 10.4.

Is there anything we can do to force the ordering to be more strict?

I suspect it just can't cope with the inter-dependencies but it'd be good to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences and how they coped with them.


  • Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,720 Rose Gold 5
    Thank you for your forum post and sorry that you have encountered a problem.

    When creating the deployment script, SQL Compare should create the database objects in the correct dependency order. However, there are situations where SQL Compare gets the dependency order incorrect.

    A support call has been created for you, the call reference is 8009. Would it be possible for you to create a SQL Compare snapshot file of each data source?

    Next send an e-mail to [email protected] with the resulting snp files attached with your call reference number #8009 in the subject field of your e-mail.

    Using the snapshot files, I can then attempt to recreate the problem you have reported.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Email: [email protected]
  • The metadata has moved on since the problem occurred i.e. we have manually fixed.

    When we get a re-occurrence I'll collect the information required.
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